Henry the 5th

Shakespeare: Henry V

Henry the 5th
Henry the 5th

I am currently learning my lines as the “Duke of Exeter” for Iowa City’s Dreamwell Theater production of Shakespeare’s “The Life of King Henry the Fifth.”

I have my “Kittredge: Players Illustrated Edition” by my side, but still… no matter how I attempt to deliver them… my lines come-off as a combination of Brian Blessed (from Kenneth Branagh’s film version) and Sam Elliot. My voice is TOO DEEP! Gaaagh!

Like many from the 80’s refrain: I wanna’ be a cowboy!

Yet, I am confidant that the final production will be quite exhilarating: From Kevin Moore (King Henry V), Mark McCusker (Pistol), Meg Dobbs (Westmoreland), Rip Russel (Fluellen), Ottavia DeLuca (Katharine, Canterbury)… to James Trainor (Dauphin, Scroop) and Jen Gerbyshak (Alice, Ely)… I just KNOW that this production will ROCK with Angie Toomsen as its Director.

It can’t miss.

It really can’t miss…

Now, if ONLY I can quit quoting lines from “The Big Lebowski“… 🙂

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