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Tales of The Odd

Monday started off with a series of emails regarding a morning talk show that, quite frankly, I never watch. However, I would have killed somebody or given someone a couple of quarters, to have the chance to watch one particular episode of “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.”

Apparently, while taping the talk show, someone in the studio booth pressed the wrong button which caused a picture of a cat eating spaghetti to be displayed briefly over the airwaves. It was so quick, that barely anyone noticed, except for the guys on “The Soup.” Here’s what “The Soup” had to report:


On a more technical note (and even creepily funnier), somebody has gone and done the impossible: Create a wearable PC. No. I’m not talking about strapping a PDA to one’s arm. I’m talking a full-blown Personal Computer. Check this out:

The Wearable Personal Computer
The Wearable Personal Computer

Please insert your own caption. For more on this engineering feat, check it out here on Engadget.

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