Broken Foot, Pride and Nissan Sentra: Part 2

My fellow improv agent, Todd Gutnecht, called me up this afternoon offering his condolences on my recent automobile accident. Wondering if I needed any help, I quickly responded with my need to meet with the Orthopedic personnel at the University of Iowa Hospitals to fill my prescription for a larger foot prosthesis.

So, the prosthesis they fit me with on Monday evening did not have much ankle support and was making it difficult to get around, even on a pair of crutches. Todd then volunteered to give me the necessary lift around Iowa City adding, “No problem. I just need to finish my grocery shopping and I’ll be down in a half hour.”

In the end,it didn’t take long to get fitted, which surprised me as it appeared there were many people waiting in the reception room. Below is the ‘BOOT’ they fit me with. Compared to what I was  wearing, It is SO much better than the flimsy sandal.

Das Boot vs. Das wimpy sandal
Das Boot vs. Das wimpy sandal

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