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The Art of Wasting Time (The Best of Online Video)

For some time, I have been collecting links to the latest viral videos on the web. These videos have come from various people: family, friends, co-workers and fellow students. As viral video savvy as I think I am, there is far to many awesome videos out there on the Word Wide Web for even I to track.

This post will be a continually updated post. I have grown tired of trying to remember the various links when I am not sitting at my on computer, so I have decided to collect them all into a single post. But, it will be impossible for me to do all in one sitting. This won’t be a Top 10 or a Best of the Best list of stuff. This will simply be one in a long line of video related posts.


I remember rolling on the floor for HOURS after watching this short movie. Many of my friends are Star Wars fans and after watching Pink Five, I had forwarded the link to nearly everyone I could think of. I then proceeded to force all my co-workers to watch, including my boss. Maybe that’s why I got laid-off.

Pink Five has grown into a trilogy that follows the efforts of ‘Stacey’ and the boyfriend (Han Solo) she keeps on the ‘down-low’. It’s a pretty intricate series and it winds its way and tells the back-story to nearly every Star Wars character. I can’t believe my friend, Chris Hanel, is actually working with Trey Stokes and Amy Earhart on this series. It ‘like, totally blows my mind.’ OK. Now, I am truly embarrassing myself.


What can be said about this spin on Budweiser’s ‘Whassup!” series of commercials. Of course, the ‘old granny’ version was just as funny as the first. But, these guys took that concept to a completely different level. This is by far my favorite.


There over a billion versions of this animated video on Google and YouTube. This is probably the cleanest of them all, which makes determining the original author’s name, Victor Navone, easier to determine. This clip was originally built in 1999, making it one of the longest running viral videos on the internet. This one is short and sweet and the real bonus is for those that can figure out how he trimmed Gloria Gaynor’s hit ‘I Will Survive’ to fit.


What could be funnier than watching bear performing Kung Fu? This would be one.


Speaking of bears, I’ve seen this before. Perhaps in a Funniest Home Video contest.


This animated short takes some time to fully develop and it surprised me with its depth and story line. Not only is the digital animation top notch, the soundtrack adds just the right touch of poignancy. I love viral videos. 🙂

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